The “Impossible” Burger… My Thoughts

A few days back, in Florida. Me and my family went to a restaurant, I am vegetarian and restaurant options, are always a struggle. In Florida though, this wasn’t really a problem. Almost everything was vegetarian. I have heard of the “impossible” burger before, and I was amazed with the companies ideas and the way they created the product. I have been wanting to try the “Impossible” burger for many months now. So when I saw it on the menu of a Miami restaurant, I knew I had to try it. Me and my family ordered the completely vegan burger.

I was a bit worried, because most of us have tried that “vegetarian burger” they sell in the frozen isle. Those taste awful!

When it came, I was shocked to see, it looked exactly like meat. Then When I bit into it, it tasted just like meat. If you did a test, where the person didn’t know which burger was which, and they tried it, they would not know the difference. It is quite amazing! How humans created a product almost identical to meat. My rating for this product is…

5 Out Of 5

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The company’s goal is to give meat eaters a choice, to eat less meat.

Since humans waist away the planet because if there mouths.

Eating no meat is healthier for you and the environment. Some of you say “I can’t give up meat” But now with this new product you don’t have to because there is a very similar alternative. I would definitely recumbent buying this product.

Sorry, My blog post was up late, the internet was down. (:

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  1. Athena. Sounds delicious! Do you recall the name of the restaurant? I would like to try it the next time I am in Miami. Thanks.

    P.S. Love your blog. I never miss a day reading it. πŸ™‚

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