5 Ways To Calm Yourself Down When Your Angry

5 Ways To Calm Yourself Down When Your Angry.

1. Ask Your Self If Your Anger Is Reasonable

This lets you see if you should really be angry. For example, you drop a bowl on the floor and it shatters, you get super mad and start yelling at the people around you. But if you think about “is your anger reasonable,” you can tell its obviously not. There is another bowl in the cupboards, and the people around you didn’t make you drop the bowl. So you can tell your anger is not reasonable, and you are more likely to calm down.

2. Watch something funny

Whenever I’m angry, and I watch a funny show or video, I have calmed down, and this gives people time to calm down and be happy. So next time your mad watch something Funny.

3. Get Out

Another thing you should do if your getting angry is remove yourself from the situation. Leave the room (Politely) Don’t make a scene, because that makes other people panic and worry.  Just say “I need to take a breather” or “I need some time”

4. Ask Yourself If The Person You’re Angry At Is Really Trying To Hurt You.

When you get angry at someone, it is usually because they did something that annoyed you. Usually by accident. Yet you still get angry, you blame them for something they didn’t do. Why? Well because your mentally “Showing Authority, Protecting yourself, trying to avoid blaming yourself.” So you need to really think, is the person next to you really trying to hurt you by accidentally doing something?

5. Identify Other Emotions That Your Anger May Be Masking

Make sure to identify your emotions. A lot of time “Fear or embarrassment” can bring on stronger angrier emotions. Called Anger, so make sure to figure out what your triggers are.

That is  5 easy ways to control your anger.

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