The Secret To NO Acne…

Most of us have experienced acne in some way. We all can’t stand, when you wake up with a bright red spot on our faces. We all look up ways to remove acne, but there is really no “cure.” I think I have found the secret to having reducing acne, I know shocking. But I found an amazing way of reducing or even stopping acne.


What? You say. Well the reason we have acne is because there is bacteria under the skin. Then with hormone your body starts to push it out through your pores. Causing a small infection called “acne.”  When you sweat, all the bacteria gets pushed out of your skin, before it can cause an infection. Which then gets rid of the risk, of having acne. I have tried this many times, and it works. I would recommend going to a sauna to sweat out the bad bacteria. Of course you should eat well and exercise, but in my opinion I believe sweating removes the bad bacteria in your skin causing acne. Which is why if you want to remove risk of having acne, then you should probably go to a sauna and sweat it out, before it causes a mini infection on your skin.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 7.02.37 PM.png

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