How Did I Come Upon Having The Third LARGEST TORTOISE In The World?!

Breed: Sulcata Tortoise

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It all happened when me and my family where looking for another pet cat. We went to my cousins house, and then we drove to the animal shelter. We where going through the kennels when we saw, this LARGE Tortoise. We so wanted to take it home and give it a great life! So we applied to take it home.

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Within 3 days the shelter got back to us saying “Come pick up your new tortoise pet!” We drove all excited! We finally took it home! We loved our new tortoise friend!

We took her to the park, where she got a lot of attention. We took her to a retirement home, where all the people where so excited to meet her!

But we soon realized that we honestly didn’t have enough room for such a beautiful creature! We wanted it to have a a nice large yard to walk around, not a small one. So after a week or so, of having this amazing animal, we returned it to the animal shelter. We asked them where was he going to go? They said, they found a person who opened a nice sanctuary, and wanted to take in the tortoise. The shelter said that he had a nice large yard for his new tortoise friend. We said goodbye, very sadly and we left. Knowing the tortoise was going to have a great home and live the next 75 years of his life happy.

That is the story of how we ended up with the 3 largest tortoise in the world.


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This is actually an actual picture of the Tortoise, she was still very young. 


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