Horses Beg For Mercy! The Sad Truth About Horse Racing.

Horses beg for Mercy!

I have been to many horse farms! And have seen these amazing creatures in action.


I love watching my amazing sister, ride horses. She loves these amazing animals and treats them well. She gives them snacks, cleans them, and more! She would do anything for a horse! Many horse farms are great!


But then there are some, who don’t. They push their horses too much!

But sadly when I go to these farms all I see other people do is abuse these beautiful creatures! When I go to one of these farms, there is this person who gives his poor horses no rest! And if they get tired he slightly hits them with a whip. Isn’t that awful! He doesn’t understand that his horses need a break! Yes, it’s good for horses to exercise, but he pushes it too much. The horse is breathing heavily. It needs a break!

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 10.11.16 am

And it’s not just him! Its many others! All the horses that do races and shows are treated so cruel. They work for hours on new routines, which are not natural to horses. Some horses spend their whole lives training for one race, one event, they practice every day, getting whipped, pushed past their limits. Then when they go to the race, they fall and break their leg, and do you know how we repay all their hard work? We shoot them.  Is this fair? We are lucky to even have these creatures, yet we treat them like their trash? Why? So we can win? We put there lives on the line, just so we can win. Is that really a good thing? Putting someones life at expense for your victory? No! It’s not okay! We must stop this! We can not let it happen, Ever!

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 10.13.34 AM.png

Did you know over 750 horse die from racing every year.

Image result for Stop horse racesImage result for Stop horse races

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