10 Amazing Tiny Homes

1. Porch

This home has an amazing draw down porch, so that if you wanted to go on the road you can, and yet you still can have a porch which adds a lot more space to your tiny home!


2. Simple

This home is very simple, It is more of a peace space than a home. Since it has no kitchen. Or bathroom, so this tiny home is actually more of a “I must get away from the noise!!” But it is very modern and beautiful!


3. The Two Story

This home is for people who want more ceiling space, and a nice porch, were they an grow plants to just hang out!


4. The Style

This home has an amazing design! 20160912_195035_grande.png

5. Everything In One

This home has almost everything you need for survival! It has a water tank that catches rain water, and solar power energy! Yay!


6. Modern

This home likes to be modern but small. Its very classy!


7. Modern Cabin

This is like a modern Cabin!


8. The Music

This home is owned by a musician. She wanted to have a nice but stadium like home!


9. The Plant

This one has a built in green room! Now that is amazing!! You can grow your own food! Now your completely off grid! Catching your own rain water, using solar energy and having your own food supply! Amazing!!


10. Move the Cabin

This is like a cabin that moves to new places! Its so modern and fun!


Those are 10 awesome Tiny Homes! You must own!!

Comment which tiny home was your favorite!

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