When Life Hits You Hard – Collab with T.R. Noble

Today, we are doing something a little bit different. Today, I will share a poem, I wrote, in a collab with T.R Noble!

Check out her Poem and Blog!!!


Here is my Poem!

When Life Hits You Hard

By: Athena

Inspiration strikes like lightning,

Even though it may be frightening,

You live your life,

But then a knife,

Hits you like Strife,

It’s been so hard,

That you can’t let down your guard,

You can’t get past the bombard,

Your life feels like a shard,

Yes its hard,

But you can’t disregard,

That your strong ,

You have survived for this long,

Now it’s time for you to sing a song,

And undo all that’s wrong.


Have a Great MLK day!

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