Is Costa Rica Still Safe?

I have been to Costa Rica, and I have to say, it feels like a very safe place. People are friendly, the jungles and beaches were amazing. Costa rica for me is an amazing vacation destination! But has it changed, since the last time I was there? Has it become more dangerous? Or is this all some silly plot the News came up with the sky-rocket their ratings?


The story we all hear was about the Florida woman who was killed in Costa rica. Then over time, the “News” blew the story of a U.S woman who was murdered into… “Suspected Murder of American Tourist in Costa Rica Is Latest in Rising Tide of Violence in the Country” Now how accurate can these News articles be? These News articles are telling people that Costa Rica is super dangerous, and no one should go their because you would “definitely get murdered.” But if you look at the Cost Rica OSAC report, kidnappings and murders, don’t happen that often in Costa Rica. Kidnappings have actually been very low as said in the OSAC report “The kidnapping rate is very low and rarely involves U.S. citizens.” This means that all the News teams, have been over-exaggerating the story. Yes, that woman was murdered. But the News took this story and over exaggerated it, saying that Costa Rica is super dangerous.

This is a list of some of the most dangerous Cities in the world. Costa Rica is not on it.


Yes, Costa Rica is near some dangerous places, like Brazil. But Costa Rica is actually quite safe. Although the OSAC report, does say to be carful in some areas of Costa Rica, especially near down town.

Costa Rica is almost, just as safe as America.

So if you wanted to go to Costa Rica, but it got scratched off the list thanks to the news story about the murder. Make sure to put Costa Rica back on your bucket list!



When you go to Costa Rica, make sure to watch your surroundings, and stay safe, don’t go to dangerous areas. Try to travel with someone (This goes for traveling anywhere).


But if you want to be safe, don’t travel anywhere, because everywhere has its problems. If you are worried about Costa Rica, then don’t go, because it won’t be that great of a trip, if you worry the whole time.

So Stay Safe, And Have Fun!

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