Food Trucks- The True Money Makers Of The City…

Food Trucks are all over! But I am sure you never thought that they could make thousands of dollars a day! Well they can, and here is how, they beat every restaurant in the money industry!

Whoever invented food trucks is kind of a genius. Now let me explain.

But first this is how I envision the creation of the Food-Truck!

Joe: “Hey Bob. I want to start a restaurant!”

Bob: “Okay Joe, were do you want to put it?”

Joe: “I’m not sure Bob? I mean everywhere there will be customers? Except I want to get the most customers and the only way to do that is to have many locations, but to have many locations we need money?”

Bob: “Well Joe, we don’t have the money for that… Wait! I just got a great idea!”

Joe: “BOB! Tell me!!!”

Bob: “What if we invented a moving restaurant!”

Joe: “But bob? how could we do that? I mean restaurants can only stay in one place?”

Bob: “Yes Joe, except, you know those kids who have bikes and sell stuff from their bikes. While moving to popular destinations? Maybe they are on to something?”

Joe: “No Way! I am not biking my restaurant around town!”

Bob: “Well I guess we can’t own a restaurant”

Joe: Wait? My dad has an old truck! What if we sold food in the truck?! Then we can move place to place! To get all the customers!

Bob: Genius!

Years later: Bob and Joe were rich!


Now back to the point. Food trucks are probably better than restaurants, because they can move to all sorts of popular destinations in the city. The reason they make a lot of money though is usually because people only have around a 40 minute lunch break, which gives them ultimately no time to go get food at a restaurant. This is when food trucks come into play. Food trucks park in front go huge corporation buildings, were many people work, then when all those people have there lunch breaks, they will come outside, to see a conveniently parked restaurant right in front of them. Now they have Yummy food, and they have time to eat. It’s a win, win.

Except for the “Stay in one place restaurants.” They loose many customers thanks to food trucks. Thats why in the 1900’s restaurant owners voted for there to be regulations on food-trucks, because sometimes food trucks would park right in front of their stores stealing all their customers! So the government implied many regulations and permits necessary to open a food truck. Yet still, the food truck industry, makes a lot of money! In 2017 the Food truck industry made over 2.7 billion dollars in 2017.



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