Easy ways to make money

Easy ways to gain back all the money you lost this holiday.

Do you want to make money, but your too lazy to go out and get a job? Or your job doesn’t pay enough? Well her are 3 easy ways to make money.

Publish a Kindle Ebook

Anyone can publish ebooks. And you can make good money off of it. It may not be the same as owning a nice hardcover book, but its an easy way to make money! Go to Amazon Kindle Store and create and publish your edition! You could do children books! Books about anything you want! Maybe it would even be a best seller. Then you would really be rich!

And if you really want to try to get a book publisher to get your book on paper and into stores like barns and nobles!

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.19.42 AM

Rent out a room

Do you have an extra room you don’t need? Rent it out! Renting rooms is great! You can make $500-$2,000 a month, by just renting a room. And if you get a good or awesome tenant, maybe they would bye the food… Or you could be best friend! Who knows! Renting a room is a great option!

Image result for Rent out a roomImage result for Rent out a room

Online Surveys

Honestly, I don’t like this option very much? The reason is, you could do a survey for one hour and only get $1-$5. Now that in my opinion is a waist of time. But in the end, do whatever you need to do.

Image result for Online Surveys

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