5 TRENDS You Should DITCH Before 2019

Our next Generation Will surly laugh at us for these silly styles that are gladly going out of style!

1. Mom Jeans

They have been around for years! But many fashion stylists are saying that they could go out of style in 2019!

Image result for Mom Jeans

2. Bold Print

Many stylists also say that Bold print has a strong run for a few years, then it goes into hibernation for a few years. So Most likely Bold Print will go out of style by the end of 2019

Image result for bold print clothingImage result for bold print clothing

3. Chunky Dad Sneakers

This trend got popular this year, but many stylists say that it will decently go out of style before the end of 2018! I mean, why was it ever a style in the first place!?

Image result for Chunky Dad Sneakers

4. Western Style

This style has been around for a while, and 2019 is it’s year to go.

Image result for 4. Western StyleImage result for 4. Western Style


I mean why were these even a style! Not many people can pull them off, unless they have the perfect outfit to match! So this style will be gone, by the end of 2018!

image.png image.png image.png


If you like any of these styles, please don’t be upset, I only got my information from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ-Vk1VpfZE


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