Is Secret Santa Worth It?

Secret Santa, the way to save money and time, right?

Well, maybe?

But is it really?

The person you get, you have to give them “the best gift ever!” Since you will only have to get one person a gift. But is it really worth that much effort? Isn’t it easier just to get everyone the same gift? For example, Matching hats or scarves? But with Secret Santa you have to get the best gift, something the person really wants, which most likely is very expensive! So is secret Santa really worth it?

One, you need to spend more time figuring out what that one person wants, then you need to spend most likely over $50 for that item.

But without secret Santa, you just have to get everyone matching sweaters, or a neckless, or something super simple.

It sounds easier to get everyone an individual gift. It may be a little more expensive but it would most likely save on time? Or not? It all depends, on the friends and family you have. Do you think it’s easier with secret Santa or without?

So you like secret Santa? Write in the comments.

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