How to stick to a diet during the holidays?

Don’t we all seem to eat unhealthy during the holidays? Then we have to start work and on a stressful diet! So how can we stop this disaster from occurring? Here are five tips to stay in shape during the holidays.

Limit yourself

We all over eat, but we can’t control it right? Well no, their are ways to stop over-eating. One is to drink water for every 1-3 bites of food. This helps your body understand that it’s full quicker. Also, you should eat slower, so your body realizes that your full. Another great tip is to chew your food at least 30 times, it makes it easier for your body to digest it.

Pick Healthier alternatives

For example, Instead of eating white bread, convert the bread to a whole wheat bread. This lowers the carb intake and it helps with your grain intake.

Try to eat more veggies, berries, and fruit

Veggies can be just as good as fatty chips or meat. Just find the way you like them prepared; Seasoned, fried, boiled, or just plane.

Berries are just a great food, and are always so Yummy!

Fruit are delectable! And they are a much healthier alternative to chips, or fatty meats.

Drink More Water

During the holidays people intake a lot of sodium in their diet, from meet, all the snacks and large meals. Most of us will over indulge in sodium. Which is not good for your body. But water helps flush some of that sodium out. Which leaves you healthier.

Treat Yourself

Enjoy the holidays. Don’t over indulge, but enjoy your meal. There are always yummy health alternatives.

Have a delouse holiday!


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